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Biomarkers in rheumatic diseases. 11th Gisea International Meeting.

BIOMARKERS in rheumatology: towards precision medicine

18 dic 2020    09:00 - 19:00
Codice ECM: 75-307821-1
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Professione: Medico chirurgo
Disciplina: Allergologia e immunologia clinica Cardiologia Dermatologia e venereologia Gastroenterologia Malattie dell'apparato respiratorio Medicina fisica e riabilitazione Medicina interna Nefrologia Ortopedia e traumatologia Reumatologia Geriatria
Regione: Lazio Città: Roma
Obiettivo formativo n. 3 : Documentazione clinica. Percorsi clinico-assistenziali diagnostici e riabilitativi, profili di assistenza - profili di cura Costo: 122,00 €

In the last years the field of Rheumatology has witnessed astonishing progress in the understanding and management of rheumatic diseases. A tremendous advance in dissecting the molecular and cellular mechanisms underpinning inflammation mainly in chronic arthritis has been made. In this context, a new concept of joint homeostasis regulated by resident inflammatory and stromal cells was developed with significant consequences for the management of patients with chronic inflammatory joint diseases as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis and Spondyloarthritis, since high-definition analysis identified novel putative pathways involved in the regulation of the behavior of stromal and inflammatory cells within the target tissue across disease phases. However, a lack of knowledge is still present in the field of systemic Connective Tissue Diseases, arising the urgent need to identify and develop novel biomarkers with prognostic properties.

Moreover, artificial intelligence platforms recently allowed great advances in personalized medicine approaches in cancer field. Therefore, the future challenge in Rheumatology, will be to apply and develop precision-medicine strategies for the management of rheumatic diseases.

This year, we will meet again in a virtual format during half a day of intensive streams discussing current and future directions in biomarkers discovery and validation, their integration, modelling and bioinformatics within precision medicine approaches in Rheumatology.

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